Kartli's Gallery is a Georgian Art Gallery, and was founded in 2013 by Moscow Georgians. In the beginning of their creative path, the gallery positioned itself as an educational, patriotic project, focused mainly on the Georgian diaspora. Until 2015, the project was called "Masterpieces of Georgian Painting". The main purpose of the activity was to popularize Georgia and Georgian Art. Later, the Gallery became larger — there were acquaintances in the creative environment, interesting paintings, large exhibitions, cultural evenings, festivals, meetings with famous people and humanitarian projects. This brought the commercialization of the project and real sales of paintings. The founder and head of the gallery, Elizbar Okropiridze, is an europeist, gallerist, impresario, public figure, and apologist of Georgian culture. Co-founder Irakli Nakani is an engineer, philanthropist, gallerist and a big fan of the historical homeland, who at the beginning of the path supported the project and financed several major exhibitions.