Giorgi Tabliasvili was born in Tbilisi in 1978.
He graduated Tbilisi Academy of Arts, faculty of applied arts. He works in the field of painting, graphic arts, literature and is also the creator of many ceramic works.
The paintings of Giorgi Tabliashvili are distinguished by their originality, as well as sincere and gentle attitude towards the world.
Faces drawn by him are often bright and airy, their natural habitat being the sky. That's why we often see wings and angels in his art.
His works contains miniature elements describing details and whatnot that are painted with great love and mastery.

Incomplete list of exhibitions:
International festival of arts of Mtskheta II - Hutte Georgia;
International art market MAG, Switzerland;
International art market «Carousel du Louvre», France;
International symposium illustrators, Romania;
ART 3 for BORDEAUX, France;
COLORIDA ART GALLERY, Portugal and others.