Givi Siproshvili was born in Georgia in 1940. At the age of 24, he joined the graphic arts faculty of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, and a year later he transferred to the painting faculty, completing his studies in 1971.
There were dramatic moments in this artist’s life. One day, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, a huge collection of his paintings was stolen. It took him a while but eventually he approached it philosophically: «There are ups and downs in life. The crisis lasted almost ten years, my brushes were well rested. But then everything returned to normal».
After the pause, he continued participating in exhibitions and presented his collections at the White Gallery, the Art Gallery. He participated in the «Traditions and Modernity» International Art Festival. His works are exhibited in art galleries in Germany, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, France and more. His work is highly valued by art collectors all around the world.
Since 2000, Siproshvili is a member of the UNESCO International Federation of Artists. In 2009, he received the «Talent and Vocation» award from the International «Peacemaker» Alliance in the field of culture and art. This year, he became an honorary citizen of the Italian city of Forte dei Marmi for participating in the «Maestro» art and film festival.