Kakhaber Tatishvili was born 1964. His art is diverse in themes and technicality. Generally, they deal with the artist’s opinion and attitude towards any object, occurrence, person or situation. Landscapes and abstract compositions, ships and different experimental works are the results of his distinct and unique vision. Kakhaber prefers oil colors on canvas, however he also has many works with acrylic and tempera. Later he included gold and silver in his art series. Generally speaking, Kakheber finds beauty in every technique and tries out different ones based on his inspiration. From 1980-84, he studied at Tbilisi I.Nikoladze Institution of Fine Arts.
From 1986-1992, he continued studying at Tbilisi Academy of Art, painting faculty.
In 1993, he started working at Tbilisi State Philharmony as chief artist. He was responsible for decorating a lot of musical shows.
He held exhibitions in Moscow, London, Glasgow and Tbilisi. Now he lives in Tbilisi and the majority of his works are in private collections (Moscow, Prague, New York, Warsaw, Chicago, Rome, Istanbul).